In Instant all content is contained in Elements. Elements come in two types: Box elements and Content elements.

You add Elements to a page by dragging them into the Visual Canvas from the Insert tab of the Structure panel.

Box elements

Part of the ease-of-use of Elements is that they allow you to build layouts by nesting them, creating Layers. This nesting is facilitated by Box elements. They can have other Elements in them, both Content elements and other Box elements. In other words, Box elements are used to create the structure of your store.

You can find Box elements listed under Layouts on the Insert tab of the Structure panel.

Columns and Rows

The two types Box elements in Instant: Column elements and Row elements. Column elements stack their content horizontally, while Row elements stack their contents vertically.

If you change the Direction of a Box element (under Layout on the Design panel), the Box element will change its type, as Box elements are defined by their direction.

eCommerce elements

eCommerce elements are Box elements linked to a product or collection in Shopify. The Text and Image elements in the eCommerce element use that link show content directly from an outside source such as Shopify without you having to copy and paste or reupload anything.

Content elements

Content elements hold the actual content that you want to display, such as images and text. You can even display products and collections (with their associated images and text) straight from your Shopify store with eCommerce elements.

You can find Content elements listed under Basics on the Insert tab of the Structure panel.

Because each element has a different use, they all display different design settings on the Design panel.


You use Text elements to add written content to your site or display copy you added to Shopify. Text elements show the Text settings on the Design panel when you select them.


Image elements allow you to show the pictures you've added to your site as Assets or uploaded to Shopify. Image elements show the Image settings on the Design panel when you select them.


Button elements are elements that respond to your customers pressing them on your site by linking them somewhere, adding a product to their cart, or opening a new email for them. This is done through the Interaction that you set up for them.

A Button elements is a Text element in a Box element that has an Interaction set up.


In Video elements you can embed YouTube videos or shorts to play on your site. Video elements show the YouTube settings on the Design panel when you select them.

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