You use the Text panel to customize Text elements.

  • Choose a Style if you've already set up Brand styles.

  • Enter the Content you want to display.

  • Pick as Color for the text.

  • Choose a Font.

  • Give the text a Weight (that is, making it bold or thin).

  • Change its Size.

  • Align it vertically and Distribute it horizontally.

  • Set the Spacing between lines and between characters.

  • Make all the letters uppercase or lowercase with Case.

  • Pick how to handle lines of text breaking:

    • Normal: only add line breaks between words.

    • Break words: lines are filled out as much as possible, occasionally breaking words by adding hyphens.

    • Break all: the line breaks occur in the exact spot where the text string meets the limit of the Element, even if that is in the middle of a word.
      (If the width of the Text element is set to fit its contents, Break all will put a line break after most characters and stretch the text out)

    • No break: Chinese/Japanese/Korean words will not be broken, other languages follow the Normal line breaks.

Custom fonts

You can upload custom fonts to use in your store. Once you upload them, the custom fonts will be listed in all Text elements across your site as well as in the Text styles added as Brand styles.
You can upload .ttf, .woff and .woff2 files.

To upload a custom font:

  1. Select a Text

  2. Select an existing Text style or add a new one by clicking +.

  3. Click the Font field and then click the Upload button.

  4. Click Choose fonts and select the font(s) you want to add or drag and drop then onto the grey upload field.

You can also upload a custom font by clicking the Font field under Text in the Design panel when you have selected a Text element. Custom fonts that you add this way can also be used across your site.

Text in eCommerce elements

The Design panel shows different options when a Text element is part of an eCommerce element.

  • You will see the Content section showing the selected product or collection and a Change source button to change this selection.

  • When you click the Content field in the Text section, the Content selector allows you to choose whether the Text element shows:

    • Copy that you added to Instant (Static), or

    • Copy associated with the product/collection in Shopify (Dynamic).

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© 2023 All rights reserved